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beats app

Welcome to beats app. This is the geekest app for running! Normally apps for running are boring... They show speed, time, bla, bla. We geeks need more! We need to see ALL the values of the sensors present in the device! With beats app, you can see, record and document EVERYTHING about your workout. Apart from the obvious measurements like speed, time, distance, etc... beats app records the accelerometer values, measures impact, calories, power (in watts!! %-), heart rate, etc, etc, etc. And the cool thing is that it stores everything in the phone! You can also send all the data to your dropbox! You will receive a zip file with all your data in text files and a matlab script to make a nice plot of it all!
This page will guide you through the screens of the app to show the functionalities and how to use the in-screen buttons and controls. There are several different screens and each one has different functionalities. Fell free to browse the pages and learn all the functionalities that the app has to offer. Among them you will find some that are exclusive like Dropbox log sending, body impact and in-device workout management.

To get beats app (and more free fun stuff) click here in one of the links above:
  This is the menu screen. The icons you see are buttons that lead you to the screens of the app or do something.
This button connects the wahoo heart rate monitor. If you have one, just wear it and press this button in the app.
Here is where you prepare for workout. Click here and you will go to the workout screen
When you finish your running, click here to send the data to your Dropbox in your computer.
You can also share your results (after the running) in facebook and twitter
Here you will find all your workouts. The list is automatically grouped by the places you use to workout. You can move, erase, and show the workouts you have stored.
This is an important item. Here you configure the app. Put your weight, gender, configure alarms, values, etc... You even configure what the app will say for the alarms.
If you like the app, you can donate some cents to the developer here %-)
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The about screen, there you can click at the NgMSoftware logo and see more cool an free apps!
This is a cool running calculator. You can give time and distance and obtain the speed. Or you can give speed and time and have the distance, etc... You make all the calculations you need!
The workout screen have four parts. These are the first two of them. You can navigate between them by swiping left or right.
Click here to go back to the menu
This is where you start the workout! CLick here and start running!

The blue values are the measurements that the app does. For the heart rate, calories and power you need the wahoo heart rate monitor. The impact is given by readings of the accelerometer. The impact is just an average of the accelerometer values, so the iphone needs to be firmly attached to the body in order to the measurement make sense. The bar bellow the values is the indicator of the heart rate. The two marks are the lower and higher values alarms. You can configure those values in the setup.
The second screen shows the speed, time and distance for the running. The button turns off the GPS in case you do not want its measures.
There are more values bellow the screen. Check them out!
      These two screens are the rest of the workout screens. The first shows the plots for the values measured by the sensors and the second shows the map with your location (as well as the plot for the altitude). Although the plot shows only the last 20 values, all of them are being stored so you can send to your Dropbox account later.
In this screen you can see the groups of workouts you did. Each group is a collection of all running you did at that same place. Those are arranged automatically by the app! When a group shows a badge number, it means that there existis a workout that you did but did not see yet. You can click in a group to see all workouts there.
The total distance, as the name say, is the distance accumulated for all your runnings! As some people call the "shoe distance".
  When you click in a group, you come to this screen. Here the workouts at that particular place are shown. You can click on each one and see the details like distance, speed, etc... They are grouped by month.
You can swipe to delete a particular workout or press and hold to move it to another group.
When you click in a particular workout in the workout list, you come to this screen. Here you can see all the details of your running. You can also click in the star to make that workout a favorite! You can also click at the map to see a more detailed map of the place your ran.        
  In this map you can zoom, pan, etc... The track is shown color coded. The color goes from blue (low) to red (high). The meaning of the color can be changed by clicking in the buttons bellow. This is useful to see where are the places you run faster or with more impact!
This is the running calculator. Click at the measurement you want to compute (speed, time or distance) and turn the spins to see the result.  
  Here you can donate some cents to the developer. It is not mandatory and if you donate something, you will win a "thank you badge" on the main menu %-)
This is just the about screen. Click at the NgMSoftware logo to see and download more cool apps for free!  
        Here is where you customize the app for you. Set your weight, age, gender etc... The max heart rate is your maximun allowed heart rate. Normally this is a number that is equal to 200 minus your age. But you can put some more precise value here if you know from your doctor.
The numbers bellow are the training regions (form light walk 1 to hard anaerobic training 5). The limits bellow are the limits you want the app to control and worn you when they are (or not) reached.
Further down you can set the alarms for speed, time, distance and heart rate. The distance and time step are the values that you want the app periodically tell you. For instance, in the example, each 1000m you run, the app will tell you that you ran that distance.
You can also set the recording of the accelerometer data. This is the fine recording (aprox. 10 per second) of the readings of the accelerometer. That will result in a large file to be transfered, but its cool to see in the computer %-)